The Hanged Guy Tarot Card’s True-meaning: Enjoy, Health and Money

The Hanged Guy Tarot Card’s True-meaning: Enjoy, Health and Money

The Hanged Man (XII) — the twelfth credit regarding the significant Arcana — suggests that you are at a crossroads and want to let go of the past being get to your real life. Getting there will be something you highly craving, yet it is going to likely entail a certain amount of compromise.

Visual Factors and Symbolism

Even though the Hanged Man could initially seem to be a terrible omen, this might ben’t fundamentally real.

Although the credit portrays a person dangling ugly from a forest along with his arms behind their again, you will find a halo-like light around his head, just like how saints had been portrayed in artwork stemming from old. This can advise martyrdom, although term he wears isn’t of sadness or dismay, but alternatively of satisfaction, suggesting they are at tranquility along with his scenario.

The tree he’s dangling from by one ankle belongs to the residing community, attaining as much as the heavens, while its sources, in comparison, continue to be strong within the underworld. The serene appearance regarding the Hanged Man’s face implies they are here by his personal will, and even though his best feet can be sure to the branches, their left-foot continues to be no-cost.

Their possession become behind their back a position producing an inverted triangle, which is often translated to be symbolic of his power to adjust their existing situation.

Their purple jeans represent the real body and enthusiasm, although the azure of his clothing symbolizes calm behavior, the red-blue colors combo again typically associated with Catholic saints.

The Hanged Man Cards as someone

The Hanged Man recognizes that the position he’s in is among give up, perhaps to repent for earlier sins, or a determined step back to reassess his subsequent move ahead. This really is far from wasted times, but since the Hanged people understands that he’s merely looking forward to the right opportunity to come along, and until it can, their path ahead will continue to be suspended.

He’s positive — perhaps excessively so — that he will accept this chance when it presents itself, thus for the time being he’s more than fine only wishing it out.

The Hanged guy credit may express indecision, and thus he or she is at risk of perhaps not acknowledging these solutions once they manage arrive at your. As a result he continues to be permanently in limbo, captured in the indecision, their biggest motion getting non-action.

Hanged Man — Daniel Rodda

The Hanged Man Straight: Good Significance

The Hanged guy in a straight position suggests that you’re in an unhappy situation, trapped in a rut or a poor mind-set you need to relieve your self from. It is also translated as anxiety over which road to bring.

See going outside yourself for a minute to change your attitude and determine what is actually stunting your progress.

Fancy and relations

If you’re in an union, the Hanged Man is actually suggesting you are most disappointed along with your companion than you understand. Although it may be distressing, it’s time for your needs reconsider your own union and possibly bid a fond adieu towards existing lover.

Likewise this credit might be a caution your companion is actually experience in this manner closer and accessing the connection from a fresh point of view themselves, deciding whether or not it’s worth continuing. This is exactlyn’t always a poor, as your spouse could be realizing that they’ve wronged you before and wish to revive the love.

If you’re unmarried, attracting the Hanged guy could be a sign you’ll want to let go of folks, mind, or circumstances which happen to be maintaining your unhappy. If you nonetheless yearn for an ex-lover, the Hanged guy is telling you this’s time to let go of these thinking, that at this time they signify an adverse thought design that just delivers you aches.


You might be caught in a routine and fed up with your work or job. Now is the time to see if there can be realistically whatever you can create adjust the problem. If there’sn’t, then you need to step back and bide your time and effort for now, items at some point transform for your best — just maybe not rather once you expect. This might be good-time to start out interested in a unique tasks or line of efforts.


This is the time to reevaluate your link to cash. Should you’ve become stingy, start discussing a few of the money — doing so could be more helpful than you would imagine. Alternatively, should you always seem to be picking right up the case for everything, settle-back and allow somebody else do so for an alteration. Essentially, you need to do the contrary of everything’ve become starting along with your wealth.


Much like your finances, it’s for you personally to means health from a new viewpoint. As an instance, should you decide’ve started exercising with loads on gymnasium, maybe it’s time for you put something similar to yoga or tai chi your schedule. With regards to the real wellness, the Hanged people are suggesting that everything is good and never to be concerned about whatever you cannot control.

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